The HealthCAWS Commitment

Consumer Focus


o Support personal responsibility for health

o Enable active participation- culture of  ask questions, say what you think

o Engage a purchasing consumer to  comparison shop for value

o Develop role models – help family and  friends with all of the above


Provider Engagement


o Communicate with patients expectation of accountability

o Work with patients to identify issues and needed supports

o Participate in quality programs and communicate unmet support

o Denounce misuse, overuse, and underuse of healthcare resources


Organizational Readiness

Portrait Of Group Of Workers In Medical Professions

o Assess offerings for alignment of accountability & supports

o Better understand consumer and provider needs to inform offerings

o Commit to improve efficiency and eliminate waste in the system

o Contribute innovations and resources that drive value


Partner with HealthCAWS to Gain:​

Industry expertise avoiding costly mistakes and rebuilds.

Cost effective solutions that easily integrate and deploy ahead of client expectations.

Operational savings for you and your clients.

Extension of your team with a friendly, loyal helping hand.

Results, accretive with yours honestly delivered and valued.