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Holding the gains in the COVID-19 fight and doubling down on the reach to marginalized people is the top priority.  At HealthCAWS, we will continue to advocate for the health and wellbeing of all people, support for the heroic workforce and alignment of all organizations doing their part. Visit the CDC COVID 19 resource center for up to date guidelines.

Consumer Focus

Advance personal responsibility for health and provide access to resources

Support active participation with high tech and high touch services

Preserve consumer resources with high value options to compare

Engage caregivers and community resources to help

Provider Engagement

Identify medical, BH, and SDoH needs through a patient centric lens

Partner with patients and care team to create an individualized plan

Provide high quality care to achieve personal best outcomes & monitor

Denounce misuse, overuse, and selective underuse

Organizational Readiness

Assess solutions for alignment of accountability and supports

Understand needs to improve the experience and outcomes

Commit to eliminating waste and unaffordable OOP costs for all people

Contribute disruptive innovations in technology and people services that deliver value

Partner with HealthCAWS to Gain:​
High level expertise, avoiding costly mistakes
Cost effective solutions that are easy to deploy
Better market positioning to support growth
Extension of your team with a trusted partner
Demonstrable results, accretive to yours

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