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HealthCAWS is a consumer-provider engagement and population health advancement company. By Combining Accountability With Support™ in an adaptable technology Platform along with advisory services, HealthCAWS mobilizes consumers and providers in a unified effort to achieve the common goals of better health, high quality and affordable care, and a differentiated experience-“the CAWS™”.   Areas of focus include, Population Health, Consumer Engagement, Value-based Care, Medical-Behavioral Integration, Chronic Care, SDoH, Digital Health, Quality Improvement and Outcomes, and M&A sourcing and diligence.

The HealthCAWS Platform includes consumer, provider and organizational QI portals that focus users on value metrics across markets and environments. Modular features include assessments to guide program delivery, action oriented content and plans, and real-time progress reporting to end users and program administrators with tie to incentive programs.  Clients realize value from reduced avoidable care costs, and improved administrative efficiency, client loyalty, incentive revenue and business growth.


Our Founder

When you need Executive Strategy and Execution Experience…

Rose Maljanian HealthCAWS Founder, Chairman & CEO is an accomplished senior executive driving innovation, positive organizational change and results for over 30 years in the healthcare industry. Leadership experience spans consumer-provider engagement and advisory services organizations, corporate managed care, specialty population health management, delivery systems, and public health settings with responsibilities for product innovation including strategy, marketing, design and development; due diligence for mergers and acquisition initiatives; operations and fiscal management; and quality improvement, outcomes research and evaluation.  Results included securing over $300M and 11M lives in an at risk business, improving clinical staff turn around by 50%, developing innovations to secure funding, accreditations, client renewals, acquire large government contracts and improve clinical, experience of care and financial outcomes.

For more information visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/rosemaljanian/

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Clients and Collaborators


HealthCAWS is a B2B Company working across the healthcare ecosystem providing advisory services and platforms and portals with aggregator clients. Through decades of vendor management experience of our own, HealthCAWS brings high value collaborators to the table that complement our solutions.

HealthCAWS currently serves clients from large publicly traded, growth stage, and start -up companies; regional health plans and financial services firms including private equity and investment banking.


Expertise unsurpassed across disciplines: Medical, Behavioral and SDoH; Quality and Measurement; Technology Integration.

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