HealthCAWS Digital Advance™

HealthCAWS Digital Platform and Portals

Trust the experts that have been designing, implementing and evaluating Consumer-Provider Engagement and Organizational Alignment solutions for decades

The HealthCAWS Accountability and Support Platform™ supports every phase of the mobilization process at the individual consumer and provider and organization level: Assessment, Awareness, Aligned –incentive, Action and Accomplishment-reporting.

Organizational Readiness Assessments and QI Accelerators

HealthCAWS QI Accelerator Portals host a multitude of Readiness Assessments targeting key issues important to your business growth:

  • Consumer Engagement
  • Population Health
  • Diabetes Prevention Program
  • Quality Payment Programs
  • Advancing Health Technology
  • Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)

All include a one stop shop to access resource centers, tailored assessments  and real-time progress reports with next step actions including rewards programs. Access to individual and aggregate reports via our administrative portal provides you with real-time insights into your customers needs.

HealthCAWS Performance Boost™

HealthCAWS has developed and deployed quality accelerator tools to delivery systems, medical group practices, large technology companies, and State HIEs and RECs. HealthCAWS PerformanceBoost™ represents the culmination and continued advancement of this important work.

Resource centers, readiness assessments, real-time reporting and next step action plans are the hallmarks of the HealthCAWS proprietary Platform.

Whether you are part of a CMS incentive program , commercially sponsored Value-based Payment Program or need to advance population health, consumer engagement and quality because its the right thing to do for consumers,  providers and your business, HealthCAWS has the tools to support you.

HealthCAWS DIFFERENTIATE™, one of the toolsets offered within PerformanceBoost, is uniquely focused on consumer engagement for organizations to support progression from basic to the advanced level as consumers continue to demand more and seek alternatives when their experience is less than stellar and CMS had dramatically increase weighting of these measures in their payment programs.


With decades of experience in population health, outcomes management and vendor management, HealthCAWS leadership not only understands the importance of an on time, on budget execution, but delivers it, every time.

B2B Consumer Facing Tools & Portals

Consumer Engagement

HealthCAWS Consumer Portals include easy to navigate resources and tools to support consumers to optimize their health and avoid costly complications through active engagement in their care, self-management tools and healthy living activities.

Together forever in love and fitness

Our portals are organized around three actionable themes: proactively manage your health; work closely with your doctor and health care team; and consider cost for you and the system when seeking non emergent healthcare services.

Assessments and action plans include real-time feedback reports with next steps and are  designed to incorporate reward and recognition programs to motivate even more progress.

Results may be securely integrated in your EHR, PHR, practice management or care management software.

HealthCAWS Bounce™

Everyone deserves a little Bounce-A day that starts better than the day before; a day at home versus an institution; a day of peak performance at work; a day where care is maximized while cost is aligned with value. HealthCAWS Bounce is for everyone.


Our Platform is designed to deliver resources and tools that help people of all ages and backgrounds achieve more Bounce in their step, literally and figuratively. By raising awareness on key health issues, helping to shop for quality, support self-assessment for early detection and monitoring pared with translatable self-management skills your consumers, patients, members and employees can achieve their personal best outcomes. With real-time reporting and next step actions tied to reward and recognition programs, with HealthCAWS Bounce you can take your engagement efforts to new heights.

HealthCAWS Bounce for Seniors™

Whether you manage a State Medicaid Plan, Seniors in Medicare Advantage or traditional Medicare, a blended population in a delivery system or medical group practice or employed population, call for a discussion to see how we can address the unique needs of your senior population and improve your performance metrics and bottom line.

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