About HealthCAWS®

HealthCAWS Inc. is a privately held health care services company  focused exclusively on helping delivery system, payer, and population health management clients improve health and reduce health care costs.

By Combining Accountability With Support in an adaptable technology Platform, HealthCAWS  mobilizes consumers and providers in a unified effort to  achieve the common goal of improved health and high quality, affordable health care-“the CAWS”™.

Deployed in an integrated approach, our Platform is designed to proactively improve  default behaviors and processes at the Point of Care and Point of Daily Decision Making where transformative change can occur. The HealthCAWS Platform includes fully integrated consumer, provider and organization facing portals that focus on value metrics across the continuum to document and achieve meaningful impact.

Our ROI for clients comes from reducing avoidable care costs and improved administrative efficiency and client loyalty. Our value to consumers is gain in better days. Whether that means less physical or emotional pain, lower out of pocket costs or time spent with family and friends instead of in the hospital-our goal is clear.

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Meet Our Founder

Chairman and CEO Rose Maljanian


HealthCAWS Strategic Advisory Board

Expertise unsurpassed across disciplines:

  • Academia
  • Employer Health
  • Investment Banking
  • Medicine
  • Specialty Health Services

HealthCAWS Clients and Collaborators

HealthCAWS is a B2B Company working mainly with aggregator clients. With decades of vendor management experience of our own, HealthCAWS brings high value collaborators to the table that complement our solutions.

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HealthCAWS provides leadership strategy and industry insights and software as a service (SaaS) solutions aimed at aligning industry stakeholders and solving the cost-quality dilemma.​

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