HealthCAWS Diabetes Prevention Solutions

Diabetes Prevention Program fundamentals are designed to not only avoid the health and economic hardships that result from diabetes but also related conditions such as heart disease, kidney disease, stroke and cancer. Furthermore, the fundamentals of good nutrition, exercise, weight management stress management and smoking cessation go hand in hand with healthy living that improves quality of life and productivity at work or in daily activities and reduced dollars spent on healthcare.

As you deploy Diabetes Prevention efforts, let us help you choose or build programs based on evidence from the Diabetes Prevention study and communicate to those eligible for the program how Diabetes Prevention fits into other health and wellness or care management programs being offered by their physician, community clinic or hospital, insurance company, or employer.   Programs work best when they are easy to access and use, meet participant’s needs, are well integrated, and avoid redundancy or gaps in support that result in frustration for the consumer or poor outcomes.

To get started we can help you review your related programs, access the HealthCAWS portal to take a HealthCAWS DPP readiness assessment, share diabetes prevention program tools and resources, and establish a comprehensive and well integrated deployment and evaluation plan. Targeted metrics improved through DPP may also be applied to numerous other value based payment programs included in government and commercial payer contracts, further magnifying your return on investment.

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