A Invigorating Start to 2018!

The start to 2018 has been an invigorating one.  New partnerships, special events and great attitudes spell the promise for a productive year ahead.  Emphasis on consumer need and preference, comprehensive strategies to address population health and enlightened preparedness to successfully shift to value are in the forefront.

Early year investor presentations were on track  with disciplined approaches and tax relief is freeing up capital to invest in companies, solutions and people making funding new opportunities  more in reach than ever.

Forward progress as always will not be without challenges and keeping up with the pace of change can seem overwhelming to some. Reach out for support to help overcome the challenges, expand your bandwidth and increase your speed to market by partnering with companies like HealthCAWS and others.

This year’s Call to Action –

Lead your organization with the vigor and swift  decision making required to result in a  productive and impactful 2018 for the betterment of the consumers you serve, your employees, your clients, your partners and your shareholders.

Best for success,


Rose Maljanian, Chairman and CEO HealthCAWS




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