Maximizing Great Potential in 2019

As we welcome in 2019 there will be much focus on integration execution for the healthcare mega mergers and the race for rapid iterative, disruptive innovation for the new entrants. For the rest, survival of the fittest will involve reducing consumer friction and delivering value.

The political landscape will always be there as a backdrop. We must leverage the window to influence policy and practice for the good of consumers while avoiding distraction. We must build solutions that consumers and clients want, it’s not always what we think they need. Seniors want to be at home; disadvantaged individuals use technology when barriers are removed; and most would rather be doing something other than spending time in a traditional health care setting.

Where possible, partner, partner and partner. The environment is too complex and changing too rapidly to go it alone. Synergistic opportunities are everywhere that will allow all of us to excel while focusing on what we do best. If you ask any seasoned leader; “Who is your top competitor?” The answer is always the same, inertia or people who think they can do everything themselves.

To maximize the great potential of 2019, let us enter the year with high energy, the fortitude to challenge the status quo and the humility to seek and explore alternative approaches.

Best to all for success in the New Year!

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