Population Health Management in 2020: Kicking it into High Gear

On March 30th at the PHA Annual Forum I will  present Closing Remarks: PHAForum.

I expect to bring clarity to what Population Health Management is and is not, highlight innovative PHM strategies to succeed in VBC and set the stage for the PHA Innovation Summit (Save the date Oct 27th).

No doubt my remarks will include:

Population Health Management is not an EHR, a Value-based contract, or an epidemiological study.

Population Health Management is understanding the needs of each individual in a defined population through smart analytics and bringing those insights to the point of care or point of daily decision making so that consumers working with their care and life teams can address barriers to achieve their personal best while avoiding unnecessary costs, inconvenience, pain and discomfort.

If you are reading between the lines correctly you guessed it: consumers own their data, what we do must be fully integrated in care and life- high tech to high touch and the levers involve addressing comprehensive needs- traditional medical, behavioral health and SDoH.

Bottom line-PHM is all about delivering consumer focused results-quality, affordability and best possible experience.



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