Consumer Empowerment – the engage-able moment too precious to waste.

Under the current pandemic situation, the absolute first line of defense is to contain the crisis and protect consumers, especially the vulnerable and acutely ill at high risk for morbidity and death. As we move to the next phase of the containment effort, the population health management model instructs consumer empowerment as the mainstay.  

Today, consumers, old and young are certainly more conscious of first line defense against illness – limiting exposure (distancing, good handwashing, limited sharing of personal items) and bolstering individual resistance through good nutrition, physical fitness, sleep and reduced stress.  For those with underlying health issues such as diabetes, obesity, HTN, and hx respiratory illness, studies are increasing putting the spotlight on their risk and the need to vigilantly prevent or manage these conditions as real risks today, rather than something that may or may be seriously limiting later in life.

A successful Population Health Management strategy begins with leveraging all available data, including data gleaned from the consumer real-time, to understand individual risk factors and needs. Based on the insights, offer the best programs and tools to empower active consumer participation in care and ongoing self- management of their health, their risks, their conditions and where possible getting assistance to address their social factors.  Early and regular measurement of individual and population success against goals and performance metrics affords organizations and individual consumers with the insight to try an alternative when one tool or combination of tools is not resulting in the best possible health and cost outcomes. Adapt, Measure, Repeat. Adapt, Measure, Repeat.

In all the chaos of COVID-19 what emerges is an opportunity for us to step up our population health management efforts –as the engage able health and life changing moment for consumers before us now is simply just too precious to waste.

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