Welcome 2021- Consumer Experience and Outcomes including Cost and Quality Go Hand in Hand

Consumers have been through enough. Make 2021 easier by accelerating companies that hit the mark and sun setting outdated practices.


  • Well integrated virtual care options, medical & behavioral
  • Primary cares that take full accountability
  • Timely home care and hospital at home
  • Community-based one stop shops visits, diagnostics, meds
  • Use of navigators and well-trained proactive care extenders
  • Consumer-caregiver adoption of intuitive PHRs
  • Use of early indicators from voice of the consumer & caregiver


  • PCP offices that run 9-5, break at 12, busy phone lines
  • ER as default path to get attention and action
  • Outdated medical necessity criteria ignoring early indicators
  • Delays in care due to convoluted processes
  • Staffing warm bodies versus proactive empathetic persons
  • Disrespect for consumer and caregiver time and resources

Unrelenting focus on consumer needs -right by consumers, smart business. It will show up through positive outcomes or consumers will vote with their feet by moving to a service that does hit the mark.

If you are in the business of accomplishing the above and believe you are not already on my radar, would like to hear about your great work!


#consumer experience #population health #valuebased care #outcomes

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