HealthCAWS Welcome 2022!

Welcome 2022!

While we start the year in what feels like a setback, we are armed with vaccinations, rapid testing, advanced digital health technology, promising therapies and even greater resolve.

Our collective stronger resolve must be channeled to address the ongoing pandemic and the collateral damage thereof. 

  • Consumers are suffering in many facets of their life from health and financial to disrupted careers and relationships.  Previously marginalized persons have yet to recover or gain hope that there exists a path to break the cycle of poor health and poverty and many seniors are not experiencing the golden years they had anticipated.  All requiring inviting, comprehensive support.
  • Healthcare and frontline workers have barely had a reprieve from the demands the overwhelming need imparts to them.  They deserve support in the form of tools and a safe environment to do what they do best as well as understanding and recognition for what they are facing day to day.
  • Innovative organizations need the paths cleared to improve quality and access and mitigate compromising social factors and health disparities. In addition, a fair business model that rewards their value contributed and affords investment in tomorrow’s innovation today.

In short, the total health of individuals, the healthcare workforce and organizations must be advanced to overcome the current pandemic, dramatically rising rates of behavioral health issues, poverty, social isolation and the much needed catch-up in chronic condition prevention and treatment.

With gratefulness, humility and spirit of partnership, looking forward to doing my small part to advance the cause in 2022!

Rose Maljanian

Chairman & CEO HealthCAWS

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