Sharing Insights at State of Population Health

Rose Maljanian Chairman and CEO HealthCAWS

I was pleased to share my insights at the first Annual PHA State of Population Health event on January 27th regarding my top 5 issues for population health management heading into 2022 and what I believe are the top solution areas that will contribute to improving health, quality and affordability.


  1. Behavioral health, including increased rates of depression, anxiety, stress and overdose
  2. Chronic disease screening, prevention and management including diabetes, cardiac, kidney disease and cancer
  3. Senior health and home care
  4. Healthcare workplace shortages and burnout
  5. Health equity and SDoH

Top Solutions across areas of need:

  1. Continued expansion of tele-health visits with documented outcomes
  2. Home based proactive, well-coordinated care
  3. Digital care extenders
  4. Friction reducing solutions for providers and teams
  5. Strategies that address barriers to creating health equity

Listen to my full presentation:

Listen to all presentations here.

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