Bringing Focus to Value for Patients-Advancing Engagement in Interactive Digital Portals

Today HealthCAWS CoHosted an event entitled  “Successful Strategies for Electronic Patient Engagement” with the Massachusetts eHealth Institute.

HealthCAWS was joined by affiliates Qualidigm and Redox. Hospital systems and provider groups  gained and shared insights on patient engagement strategies to include advanced interactive patient portal features, integrated clinical workflows and technology integration through APIs.

The ultimate goal is to support hospital systems and provider groups address the growing need to drive value, improve administrative efficiency and cement consumer loyalty.


A Invigorating Start to 2018!

The start to 2018 has been an invigorating one.  New partnerships, special events and great attitudes spell the promise for a productive year ahead.  Emphasis on consumer need and preference, comprehensive strategies to address population health and enlightened preparedness to successfully shift to value are in the forefront.

Early year investor presentations were on track  with disciplined approaches and tax relief is freeing up capital to invest in companies, solutions and people making funding new opportunities  more in reach than ever.

Forward progress as always will not be without challenges and keeping up with the pace of change can seem overwhelming to some. Reach out for support to help overcome the challenges, expand your bandwidth and increase your speed to market by partnering with companies like HealthCAWS and others.

This year’s Call to Action –

Lead your organization with the vigor and swift  decision making required to result in a  productive and impactful 2018 for the betterment of the consumers you serve, your employees, your clients, your partners and your shareholders.

Best for success,


Rose Maljanian, Chairman and CEO HealthCAWS




Founder’s Circle

The holidays are upon us!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

This holiday season is upon us and there is no shortage of end of year activity on the Hill potentially impacting the healthcare industry from tax reform including release of the individual mandate to Medicare Advantage proposed rules including redefining open enrollment windows and new programs to address the opioid crisis.

In addition, mega mergers of delivery systems, and health plan and retail giants spell new ways of addressing individuals whether referenced as consumers, patients, members or employees, the end game is the same, deliver great quality, affordably, and a great experience or risk losing their loyalty.

We are embracing this challenge. While necessary to keep an ear to the ground for additional changes and the resultant adjustments required adjustments to programs and services, we wish our clients, partners and all of you a season full of joy celebrating with family and friends.

Happy Holidays,


Welcome to the future of health!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Now past the  halfway mark for 2017, uncertainty remains on the policy front but no uncertainty exists in terms of the need to prevent and combat disease, equip consumers with the means to self manage where possible and address the growing senior population in ways and in environments they prefer.  The innovators committed to value and preference based individual and population health solutions will succeed in making a difference. ​

The backdrop of policy change  requires a constant  ear to the ground and much energy and application of resources to navigate.  Given this environment expertise and experience are top of the list to handle the uncertainly versus being paralyzed by it. Seasoned leaders  guiding responsive teams and systems through clearing barriers, crisp decision making and disciplined execution will be the difference between organizations that falter and those that thrive; consumers and providers who feel well supported and those that feel the strain of uncertainty around them.

From planning and design to delivery, emphasize the right guiding principles. Align strategies and tactics with the principles of the HealthCAWS Call to Action:

  • Meet the new consumer where they are on their terms, with the least costly and invasive service and environment possible to achieve their best possible outcome


  • Limit unnecessary burden for providers and offer supports to advance value-based care 

  • Reduce system complexity and thus volatility for all stakeholders by simplifying requirements and processes; freeing up critical resources and mind space for innovation

The HealthCAWS principles culminate in  Combining Accountability With Support-“the CAWS™” to get the job done. We invite you to be part of the HealthCAWS solution!

Best for Success,


Rose Maljanian

Chairman & CEO


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